Request List

Batas request disini sampai no. 32 [by Mifta] selebihnya, hasil request akan saya share di >> << Thankyou ^^


1. Love In Seoul by Eyinzz [DONE]

2. The Story of Our Love by Lucifer Black [DONE]

3. Don’t Go by Eyinzz [DONE]

4. Fated to Love You by Choi Jae Hee [DONE]

5. You Make My Life Complete by Kyula88 [DONE]

6. If This Is A Mate by youngienam [DONE]

7. Second Chance by Eyinzz [DONE]

8. Third Person by Lucifer Black [DONE]

9. Genie by Trouble Maker [DONE]

10. The Whiny Cutie Girl by Vidia [DONE]

11. Genie [2] by Trouble Maker [DONE]

12. Header Jung Sisters for Trouble Maker [DONE]

13. A Hurt Boy by Ji1909 [DONE]

14. My Mr Protective by Youngienam [DONE]

15. 2NE1 & SNSD Header for Afrizal [DONE]

16. I want you, Choi Siwon! by Afrizal [DONE]

17. Nappeun Namja by Serafina [DONE]

18. Header Micky and Minnie for Flower Fairy [DONE]

19. Header Soosica& Kyuhae for Serafina [DONE]

20. Header Kyuyoung for Eyinzz [DONE]

21. Header Luhan-Jessica-Kris for harumiaiko [DONE]

22. Im Yoona, saranghaeyeo! by Fairy Gold [DONE]

23. My babysitter is my first love  by Fairy Gold [DONE]

24. Memories with you by harumiaiko [DONE]

25. The Choi’s Little Sister by Ninischh [DONE]

26. I Can’t by MeydaaWK [DONE]

27. Who’s Your Yeojachingu? by Serafina [DONE]

28. The Sad Marriage by Kathalina [DONE]

29. Lawless by Shirorinsan [DONE]

30. Your Fault is My Pain by HanRa [DONE]

31. Header Kyuyoung for HanRa [DONE]

32. My Evil Spy Namja by mifta [DONE]

[33-next check at Fearimaway’s blog]

[ Ongoing : Sedang dikerjakan. Pending: Akan dikerjakan setelah poster ongoing selesai ]


KyuyoungCHILD a.k.a Fearimaway

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