A Letter To Sooyoung

By: Kyuyoung Child

‘A Letter To Choi Sooyoung ‘

Hi,Choi Sooyoung! ☺ may to say hello to me? Kkk~
Hmm,i dunno what'll i talking about,this's my 1st note for you,sista:b
First-ly,i wanna ask you something. Why are you being sooooooooo perfectly? Yeah,eventhough there's nobody in this world perfectly more than God ☺ i mean,you pretty,you smart,care about other members,you ate alot (lol),you tall,chubby cheeks,you have two nice eyes,you are religious,and the plus poin is...your fams is rich haha xD :b
You know huh,i really want to meet you and the other members but i can't. My dad don't give me a permission for watch the concert. Every concert. Kpop or no,he's always don't give that. How poor i'm :')
Sometimes i think,can i meet you all,gurls? Especially you,Soo^^ it's the best day in my teen days if i can meet with you. :')
Bytheway,i want to say 'Thank You Very Much' because you're all my moodbooster. When i felt sad,refused,badmood,i always listened to your songs and make me cheerfull again :') you make my live Complete,guys:')
Can i dreamin'? Maybe can,yeah?
I always dream that i'm the 10th members of GG. Lol yeah but if it's true,actually i don't want to be your 10th members. I just want to be your sone,your pure sone .:) i dream that cause my love for you is big,sist;'3 don't u believe? Soo-ah open my heart with knife now x_x lol xD
Sometimes i felt angry with ELF,Soo :( alot of them is your haters. No. That's not why i'm angry wth they. But you know,Soo, they hate you all because you're close to their BELOVED OPPARS,SuJu ;_; hell yeah,they prefer boyxboy (ex: KyuMin,EunHae) paired than boyxgirl (ex:Kyuyoung,Yulsung) paired.
There's a moment a sone said that Teukie is mosquito cause he crop(?) the speech of Tiffany. They are very angry. Made a big fanwar,shout a bad word for our Sone and your members. But Sone kept calm at that's moment. Eventhough some sone is replied the fanwar too rwhhgghh -_- And there's a moment too,ELF said Hyoyeon is (what we called,'pelacu*'?,hmm a 'naughty woman' because her dance style. Hahahaha,you know our hearts is hurt at that's time? But in that time,there's no a BIG fanwar. Just a lil fanwar,not big as when sone say Teukie is a mosquito.
Isn't that is egoistic? Who the baddest? Mosquito,or a Sex girl? :') Big ha to the ha,rite?
No,i don't hate SJ too:) i loved them,eventhough not big as my love for you hihi (´̯ ̮`̯ƪ) i love them especially the Evil of the group (same like u:3),Cho Kyuhyun!
Can you ask him,why's he being soooo handsomee? Oh gawt i agree wth you who say his voice is cool :3
Hmm,you know what? I hope i can meet you all LIVE eventhough i always know that my mom and my dad aren't give me a permission for watch the concert. Blablabla,the reason, they're just don't know how great my love is for you (that's i'm singing xD :b )
 (All My Love Is for you+how great is your ♥)
Btw (again),congrats for your and SNSD first concert in INA last saturday,sistt :') Welcome to our country too hehe :p You know,i felt sooooo excited . Can u think,we're in the same country,had a same air,see the same things in this country,eventhough we're not in the same venue :') but i felt very happy,seriously!
Eum finally,i have one wish for you,please,make GG Tour INA please please :') but make it when my mom and my dad gimme a permission for watch the concert :3
Yeah,thank for your attention to SONEs , we'll always love you untill the end of time,see you in our first MnG! :3
Sorry for my bad grammar. I'm not well in English --"

Rima (ʃ⌣ƪ)


Hellohaaaa my bestreader,long time no see :* kyuyoungholic@yahoo.com aku terima kok,insya Allah aku terbitin ☺

Ayo2 buat blog ini rame dongg 😦 author2nya jrg update ya ? Masa aku hiatus mrk ikutan hiatus? U,u tp yaa kita punya kesibukan msg2 🙂

Jadi,bagi freelance ayodong bantu bikin rame lagi ini blog,kan jadi semangat akunya 😀 mau ngirim apaa aja, ff kah,info kah,atau apakah xD

Oh iya liat viewstats (?) Kan? Udh 100k lebihhhhhh xD loveloveloveloveloveyouuuuuuuuuu ♥

Berhubung aku ngerasa ini blog tercinte udh lumayan rame,aku boleh kaliya bikin nama readersnya? Hmm OSHolic,otthe? -_-”

Hahaha ini bukan pecinta OS kok hanya saja pembaca OS 🙂 atau ada saran? 🙂

Oke,sekian komat2 kamitnya mudah2an diterima oleh yg di Atas (?) (Mendadak hening) (berdoa)

See you next time!



10 pemikiran pada “A Letter To Sooyoung

  1. Kakak!!^^
    akhirnya balik lagi,
    walaupun bukan ff,
    aku seneng deh bqcanya,
    ntah kenapa._.
    mgkn karena ak jg ngerasa gitu,
    btw kak,ffnya jangan lupa dilanjut ya,
    soalnya ak penasaran bgt >.<

  2. chingu ak setuju bgt sooun emg sempurna, hehehe
    *hope gg tour dtg ke ina
    *hope bwt selca ama Soounn (*lalu bwt pp seumur hidup)
    *hope mengatakan kapan punya pacar?
    *hope eonnie blg kalo dia punya hubungan ama Kyuhyun
    *beribu-ribu hope-hope deh

  3. Kata-katanya keren walaupun aku ngga tau artinya *PLAK
    Eon akhirnya kau menulis lagi , walaupun bukan ff *cipok sehun *eh ?
    Fighting ya eon^^

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